A Terrible Breakfast Concoction

A chocolate fudge Pop-Tart iced with raw chocolate chip cookie dough.

Don’t look at me like that — we didn’t actually make this breakfast treat. But if any of you do, you have to post pictures and let us know to what hospital we should send your get well flowers.

Does anyone else have a challenger for bad breakfast food? Other than the Good Morning Burger, I mean.

5 thoughts on “A Terrible Breakfast Concoction

  1. I prefer the chocolate/vanilla Pop-Tart. With the cookie dough frosting, you’re going to need an ice cold glass of milk.

    It’s okay, really, sugar won’t hurt you.

  2. Oh, I’m sure it won’t hurt me, but what about Eli and Liza, tears streaming down their face as their father bites into a concoction that they can’t have any of?

    Won’t someone think of my children?

  3. I’ve been thinking this off and on all day, and it still sounds good. Just with a lot of milk.

    And the kid is not a problem – he doesn’t get any junkfood/sweet treats anyway.

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