8 thoughts on “For LanaBob!

  1. They are plastic on the bottom, not metal. I guess they think this age shouldn’t be trusted with metal on their feet. I did tell him that this was the only time he would get to wear them in the house because after tomorrow they would be dirty.

    Beyond that, this floor is tough. Much tougher than I originally gave it credit for. I would have thought since we got the cheaper flooring it wouldn’t hold up as well but I’ve been very impressed with it. It takes a lot to put even a dent in it and the couple of gouges that we have came from dropping something metal on it.

  2. In that age group there are only two positions: Goalie or “Go for the Ball”
    At least that’s how my coach described it when I played ~3rd grade. It seemed accurate from the games I saw happening near ours.

  3. LOL! Never having been mom, I can only visualize the chaos.
    Shoes sure are cute, though!

  4. Woohoo! A soccer player! So, he’s either going to grow up being an Olympic swimmer or the next David Beckham. Either way, not bad for you guys. 😉

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