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Other Biological Imperatives

“Biological imperatives trump laws.” —Orson Scott Card.

Polygamy as a biological imperative.

Rape as a biological imperative.

Murder as a biological imperative.

No wonder Card advocates the wholesale overthrow of the government. There are so many laws that must be gotten rid of!

This message brought to you by a wacked-out embrace of evolutionary biology.

Bigotry Leads to a Cool New Story Site

In other SFF news, some time ago William Sanders, editor of the SFF webzine Helix, wrote a rejection letter in which he ranted about “sheet heads”. People rightly pointed out that Sanders was being a racist dick, and he responded with grace and class: when Yoon Ha Lee asked him to remove her story from […]


Shorter Orson Scott Card: gay marriage scares me, and I think everyone who feels the same should try to overthrow the US government.

Child’s Play Discussed at Jay is Games

Jay is Games has featured Child’s Play in one of their posts today. That’s both amazingly cool and rather daunting, since it’s now being played by a lot of non-IF people, and the game’s puzzles tend to the difficult as the game goes on.

Japan Tales: Hiroshima & Miyajima

Tuesday was the hardest day. I knew intellectually what had happened at Hiroshima. But there was no way to know until I stood there. I would have thought that I’d be telling you how sad the city of Hiroshima is. How there is this cloud that hangs over it, darkening the mood. But there isn’t. […]

The Krebs Family: from Japan

Eli loves a set of nesting dolls that Stephen’s mom has. So when I saw a set of Dharma Dolls in Japan, I knew it was the right gift to bring home for Eli.

As Eli was playing with them one day, he began telling me of his adventures in Arkansas. While he was staying with […]

July Photo Update

Since I haven’t posted photos of the kids lately. Here’s a couple of new ones.

This kid loves to rock!

Is he 4 or 14? It’s hard to tell.

Now back to working on Japan posts!

Cream Cheese-Banana-Nut Bread

This is the banana bread recipe I use these days. I like it because the cream cheese makes it moist and the topping of cinnamon makes it breakfast or dessert. I didn’t realize until I looked it up in the Southern Living recipe database just now that it was sent in by an Alabamian. So […]

Random Thoughts As We Enter Japan

The train from Narita airport to Tokyo leapt out of the tunnel and raced across the countryside. I stared out the window, my brain floating in a soup of fatigue poisons, and all I could think was how the kudzu-covered hills looked just like those back home in Alabama.

Then we zipped past a small family […]

Japan Tales: Kyoto

Kyoto holds the largest chunk of history of the parts of Japan we saw. The temples and gardens are close enough together that we kept running into the same pack of tourists.

Click on any of the pictures to see all of the photos from Kyoto.

The Zen garden at Ryoan-Ji was possibly my favorite spot […]