Why I Don’t Read Monthly Comics

When I was young, I read a lot of comics. The Hulk, Spiderman, Batman — I read them as they came out. These days any comics I do read I read as trade paperbacks. I’ve never thought about why that is, but Andrew‘s comment made me realize one reason why I stopped, at least for DC and Marvel comics.

Then, just to prove what a Fraction junkie I am, I would recommend the two TPB of The Immortal Iron Fist as another genre comic done right – at least until Fraction and Brubaker left the comic.

DC and Marvel shuttle writers and artists on and off titles. The reasons are varied and wide-ranging, and I can understand many of them, but in the end it’s enough change that I lose interest. Couple that with both the way continuity is folded and stapled back onto comics and the annoyance of having to swing by my city’s far-away comic shop, and in the end I just order TPBs from Amazon.