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Future So Bright, I Gotta Be Gay

Focus on the Family, James Dobson’s conservative evangelical Christian group, is dabbling in near-future science fiction. They’ve sent out a letter from 2012, four years after Obama becomes President. They have looked into the future, and it’s gays as far as their eyes can see. Same-sex marriage, first graders forced to learn about homosexuality, churches […]

How to Create a Portal Gun in Many Easy Steps

It’s almost Halloween time, so let’s build a Portal gun!

Two quick notes. One, if you’re wondering, “huh?”, and don’t think you’ll actually play the game Portal that the gun is from, you can read my dissection of said game or listen to me rave about it on a podcast. Two, if you don’t care about […]

Mixed Messages

The vet near us updates his sign every month or so to suggest treatments, give general pet advice, or threaten you with free puppies. As of today, he has different statements on either side of that sign.

Side one: Winter is coming. Prepare your pets for the cold.

Side two: Antifreeze will kill your pets!

A Fun Saturday

We were full of the busy yesterday and I managed to get photos of big chunks of it.

First thing was playing with the doll house:

Click the photo to see more pictures.

In the afternoon we were off to hang out with our friends at Hallie and Remy’s house. I made all the girls t-shirts that […]

Oh So Busy

I can’t tell you how busy I’ve been here lately. Between work and home and my own projects–

Fine! I admit it! I’ve been spending all of my free time playing Jade Empire and kicking people in the face! But no worries. I can quit any time I want.

As soon as I finish that last fight […]

I Have Been Remiss in the Posting of Photos

Will and Luke came over to visit yesterday. They brought their mom Chrissy and we played outside and very belatedly celebrated Chrissy’s birthday with hot dogs and chili for dinner.

Click the photo to see the rest of the photo set.

Here’s Liza watching “Yo Gabba Gabba!”

Click the photo to see the rest of the photo set.

And […]

Death to Zima

I had a friend in grad school who eventually left physics behind to become a brewmaster. He was a fan of beer, which put him in the same league as, oh, say, Wrigley Field spectators, but he backed that up with a lot of knowledge about beer. He also hated Zima, with a passion and […]

Southwestern Rollups

I’m always looking for a way to sneak some spinach in our diets. This is a great option as the spinach gets flavored by the fajita seasoning so unless you KNOW there is spinach in there you can’t taste it. The dipping sauce you can make more or less hot by adjusting the amounts of […]

Three Anecdotes About Eli Makes a Post

One: Eli continues his habit of becoming distraught over all kinds of random things. He’s like a Victorian maiden who just so happens to have brought her fainting couch with her. Earlier this week, Misty wouldn’t let him get in bed with her early in the morning. This is not cruelty, it’s self-protection. When Eli […]

Your LOLDebate Picture

(Photo from a Reddit thread via Making Light)