The Expected Public Service Announcement

To my fellow US citizens: go vote.

Unless you’re going to vote for candidates I don’t approve of, in which case, stay home.

And for those who live in Alabama, go vote for all of the constitutional amendments. True, our constitution is already the longest in-use constitution in the world. Yes, it’s been amended to let officials dispose of dead animals and dig up human graves, to get rid of the boll weevil, and to forbid dead officials from drawing a salary. But we can’t rest on our laurels. We’re up to Amendment 799, which was an amendment of Amendment 756. By 2012 I want us to break the 900-amendment barrier!

So did you vote?

3 thoughts on “The Expected Public Service Announcement

  1. Actually, I tend to vote down any amendment I don’t specifically want to pass, just in an effort to get the constitution overhauled. Oh, I’ve also been known to pick my vote based on whether or not I like that county. 😉

    That said, bet your ass I’ll be voting up Amendment One this year.

  2. Yes, I did vote.
    I got a funny text message this morning: “Due to long lines, Obama supporters are encouraged to vote Wednesday to avoid the wait.” I forwarded the message on.

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