Three Things About Liza Make a Post

1. Liza’s shifted from brain-liquefying screeches to words, or at least word-like sounds. She still believes that volume and repetition are key to convincing arguments, much like the recent US Presidential election, so she will walk over to a bed she wants to be on, point at it, and repeat “Up peeese! Up peeese! Up peeese up peeese up peeese up peeese!” until we give in or tranq her.

2. We’ve moved Liza from a high chair to a booster chair. She’s excited by this, since she has a mountain-goat-like desire to be as high up as possible, and she can crawl up into her booster chair. This also puts her nearer the condiments, which she loves. Her personalized food pyramid would be half composed of condiments. If she could, she’d have meals of butter, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and sour cream. Then she’d smear those meals all over the table and her.

Condiment-smeared Liza

3. She’s reached the supernaturally cute stage of toddler development. She flirts, she makes cute sounds that approximate words, and she carries around a baby doll saying, “Beeebeee! Beeeebeeee!” and giving it hugs. Then she throws it to the floor and steps on it for good measure, undoubtedly mimicking what I’ve been doing in Grand Theft Auto. When she sees a fly or other flying insect, she points and says, “Beeee! Beeee!” Then she waves at it, saying, “Hiiiiiii! Beeeeee! Hiiiii!” She waves hi at anything that catches her attention. This time around I know how short this period will be, and I miss it already.

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