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In 2008 Liza began speaking.

In 2008 my grandfather died.

In 2008 I was a guest at a conference dedicated to internet memes.

In 2008 I saw my friends become the parents I always knew they could be.

In 2008 I flew back from California to go to Misty’s grandfather’s funeral.

In 2008 the U.S. had an historic presidential election.

In […]

Vacation Time!

We’re off until some time after the new year for the vacationing and the playing etc. etc. Don’t trash the blog while we’re out.

Christmas Wishes

Mary holds the tiny Christ child who will grow beyond her sight.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays to all. I wish you the gift of days spent with those you love.

A Sign of the Times

For Christmas today, Eli got a remote controlled car. It was some kind of Dodge, and the package proudly states that it was an official Chrystler licensed product.

Two minutes after I put batteries in it, it stopped working.

On the plus side, we’re now eligible for $10 billion in bailout money.

Not Santa! Not Santa!

You know what gets me in the mood for Christmas? Scary Christmas songs.

Yes, yes, mall Santas are frightening, but are they as frightening as this song?

The Coolest Christmas Ever

Hey, remember when Arsenio was cool? Remember when New Kids on the Block was cool? What if the two of them were mixed together in a 1990s mélange of super-coolness?

That, my friends, is funky, funky. It is, in fact, twice-baked funky.

Review of Element Case’s Liquid Case for the iPhone

Hey, look what I got to review: a Liquid case from Element Case. Here you can see my encased iPhone menacing my poor old SLVR.

It’s a hard plastic case designed for either generation of iPhone. You drop your iPhone into the case and screw a bezel on to hold it in place. The tiny hex-head […]

How to Make Mp3tag Embed Album Art From a File and Convert Replay Gain to Apple Sound Check

Since people asked, here’s how I make Mp3tag embed album art in the mp3 tags and convert Replay Gain to Apple’s Sound Check.

Both require a new set of actions. If you go to Convert > Actions, you’ll bring up the action list and can create a new action group. For album art, make a new […]

A Very Baroque Digital Music Setup That Nonetheless Has No Actual Baroque Music In It

How I go from physical CDs or purchased mp3s to my music library:

Rip the CD with Exact Audio Copy, which converts the album to mp3s using LAME.
Since EAC uses freedb to populate each song’s metadata, that metadata is often wrong. Fix the metadata using the MusicBrainz Picard tagger.
Normalize album volumes by using foobar2000 to encode […]

The Dream

I want my only memory of this past election to be of two different friends, both white, both male, one older, one younger, both born and raised in the South recounting to me at different times and places that they voted for this man on the content of his character and not on the color […]