Monthly Archives: February 2009

First Night of Craft Night

Tuesday night was our first try at Craft Night. I thought it would be a way for the gals to get together, work on projects, eat a bit and gab as much as we possibly can in a couple of hours. I was not disappointed with our first group effort.

Watch out for Amy. She has […]

You Don’t Know What an Ad Hominem Argument Is, You Moron

Look, idiot, it’s clear to everyone here: you don’t know what an ad hominem argument is. We’ve tried to be polite about it on the assumption that someone as lead-brick thick as you deserves some slack, but c’mon.

Let me see if I can explain this in teeny tiny words that you might understand, you giant […]

What’s Old as a Function of My Age

A Few More Random Things About Investing

My Two Rules of Investing post resulted in several good questions from people, both in comments and in email. I’ve got answers which are worth every penny you’re paying for.

How much should I be investing? Oh, goodness, there’s a question with no good answer. It depends on what your current financial situation is, how old […]

Saturday Breakfast

Ever wonder what we do around here on Saturday morning? I know, how have you gotten on this long without having this knowledge?

Here’s the answer to your burning question: Donuts.

I’ve always meant to fry some biscuits to make donuts and haven’t ever done it. (Is there anything more Southern than this? Maybe frying pickles, that’s […]

References in The Lonely Island’s Incredibad

So perhaps you bought Incredibad, the comedy record from The Lonely Island, because you liked their stuff on Saturday Night Live, and now you’re left wondering why the album includes some really terrible interludes, and what the joke behind “Like a Boss” is. Luckily you’ve got a white thirtysomething physicist to explain the references to […]

Two Rules of Investing

Since the economy’s doing so well, let’s talk investing! Everything I know about investing in stocks and bonds can be boiled down to two rules.

1. Buy index funds.
2. Diversify.

To understand index funds, you have to know what an index is: a collection of companies or bonds that someone tracks to get an idea of how […]

To Eli on His Fifth Birthday

After the success of outsourcing last year’s birthday party to JumpZone!, we decided to do something similar this year. We let you choose where we’d have the party, which is how we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese’s. You’ve been a fan of the pizza rat for a while, even if his restaurant makes your […]

Liza is a Talking Fool

These days, Liza says a lot of words. You can only understand a handful of them, of course, and then only if she points to the object she’s referring to, but she’s gone beyond what she could say in June!

Er, except she still likes talking about butterflies.

But there are a lot of other animals she […]

Update of What I’ve Been Working On

This poster was for the “My Bloody Valentine” library event that happened this past Friday night. We were playing up Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day happening back to back this year. I was really pleased with the way the poster turned out. A friend attended the event and emailed me that Dr. Bass, one […]