7 thoughts on “Eli’s Fifth Birthday

  1. Was that at Chuck E Cheese?! I remember celebrating a few birthdays of my own at that place…. I feel old now. Happy birthday Eli!!!!

  2. HbDTY, HbDTY, HbDDE!! HbDTY!
    (Even though we’ve never met! 😉 Congrats mom’n’dad on raising such an engaging youngun to the ripe ol’ age of 5! I’m sure the years have flown for you.)

  3. Man, I had a birthday party at Showtime (before it merged with Chuck E. Cheese) when I was 15. Good times!

  4. You’re right. I had forgotten that it used to be called Showtime. Wasn’t it something else before Showtime, too? That place has truly managed to survive the years.

  5. Yeah where I lived before Showtime and Chuck E Cheese it was called Showbiz… same slogan though. Used to love that place, and man I feel old…went there for “tween” night when I was a kid on Friday and Saturdays. Oh the trouble we got into.

    Happy Birthday Eli, many more to come little man, from another someone you haven’t met yet, but who has heard (and read) so much about you.

  6. Oh, man, I’d forgotten about Showbiz Pizza Place. I kept trying to remember what it was called when the animatronic band would talk about the other pizza places in the 1980s that they’d crushed under their paw.

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