Four Songs From the 80s Chuck E. Cheese Has Covered

I Think We’re Alone Now, as made famous by Tiffany.

Overkill, as made famous by Men At Work.

Working in the Coal Mine, as made famous a second time by Devo.

Tarzan Boy, as made famous by Baltimora.

Now don’t you wish you’d heard covers of these songs performed by animatronic animals?

2 thoughts on “Four Songs From the 80s Chuck E. Cheese Has Covered

  1. What’s even better is looking up to the screen during one of these, um, dare I say, “covers” to see people you used to know dancing and singing in a badly choreographed attempt at coolness and wonder what horrible deed they must have committed to have karma deal them such a wicked “time out”!!! 😉

  2. People always wonder why I don’t dance….

    It’s because the dancing by Baltimora is eerily reminiscent of the way I dance.

    Also, why has he not show up on one of the “Where are they now” things?

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