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Brand Loyalty

The other night, Liza was tearing through a piece of cake (Liza’s motto: “AHHHHHHHH! CAAAAAAAKE!”), so of course we had to take another picture in the ongoing series of “Liza eats something and gets it all over her”. We didn’t have our real camera at hand, so I took a picture with my iPhone.

The moment […]

This Message Brought to You By Hallmark

Hope you bought your Valentine’s Day cards already!

First Against the Wall When the Robot Revolution Comes

For several months now, Eli has told me, “Don’t run into any robots!” as I head out the door for work.

This morning, before he could do so, Liza waddled to the door. “Aah! Wobot, daddy!”

In 1859

In 1859, Louis Pasteur was just beginning a series of experiments disproving the theory of spontaneous generation.

In 1859, diseases were thought to be caused by miasma — bad air — despite John Snow’s work on the 1854 cholera outbreak in London.

In 1859, Gustav Kirchhoff formulated the law of black-body radiation.

In 1859, scientists believed that the […]

In Space, No One Can Hear Me Scream About Science

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about scary kids’ toys. Good thing Eli got a new batch for his birthday!

Meet Black Hole.

He’s the enemy from Planet Heroes, Fisher-Price’s new line of planet-themed action figures with tie-in DVDs and comics. You can tell he’s a villain because he speaks with a British accent.

Eli’s fascinated with […]

Three Very Unfunny Words

So, funny story…

A Rocket Scientist Explains Securitization

From a Marketplace report on the American Securitization Forum comes the following conversation between Kai Ryssdal and Bob Moon:

RYSSDAL: …How do you restore investor faith in what is admittedly a very important part of the economy?

MOON: Well, they’re promising straight talk, for one thing. There’s agreement here that things did get so confusing, you almost […]

The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them

When I’ve written about the non-existent link between vaccines and autism before, I’ve done so without a lot of anger. I can understand how parents would be worried enough about the effects of vaccines to not have their kids vaccinated, even though the antivax movement in the end is a very bad thing.

It turns out […]

Four Songs From the 80s Chuck E. Cheese Should Cover

Blister in the Sun, by the Violent Femmes.

Girlfriend in a Coma, by The Smiths.

Head Like a Hole, by Nine Inch Nails.

Centerfold, by the J. Geils Band.

Any other suggestions?

Eli’s Fifth Birthday

Yeah, he acts just as grown up as he looks.