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Information Overload, Kids’ Book Edition

I’ve mentioned the video to Röyksopp’s “Remind Me” before, with its deliberate beat and hypnotic infographic style. In case you haven’t seen it, take a look:

Now Tomas Nilsson has done the same thing for “Little Red Riding Hood”.

(seen at Anil Dash‘s place)

Hardy’s Paradox, or The Economist is Dismal at Science

Today let’s talk about Hardy’s Paradox, since I’m guessing you haven’t yet had your daily dose of quantum mechanics conversations.

I got interested in this topic after Jeff pointed me at The Economist’s writeup of a recent confirmation of a puzzling aspect of quantum mechanics.

What the several researchers found was that there were more photons in […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Oh, Best Buy, how I love you.

The Dark Secret of Wall-E

In lieu of actual original content from me, watch Jay Smooth lay out a frighteningly plausible theory about Wall-E and why all the humans in the movie were white middle-class ones.

Jay is the man behind the awesome “How to Tell People They Sound Racist” video from last year. In fact, let me throw that one […]

Cross-Stitch Purse & Other Craft Goodness

A few years ago I saw a cross-stitch magazine with a plastic box purse on the cover. The sides were cross-stitch flowers, stripes, and funky circles. I bought the magazine thinking I would do the project immediately. Then I saw how much the purses cost. They are awesomely designed purses from Z Becky Brown […]

An Alternate Ending to Battlestar Galactica

After some five years, Battlestar Galactica ended with a giant two-hour episode. I enjoyed it, though I felt that, in the end, it undermined one of the series’s core themes: it’s individual’s decisions that matter, and those decisions, even if made for what seem like the right reasons, can turn out badly. The road to […]

Websites that Inspire me to Make things

I’ve mentioned before that I read a ton of craft blogs. Actually that’s misleading, look at the photos on a ton of craft blogs, would be more accurate. This is a list of my favorites that I look forward to seeing every day.

A Print a Day: She does beautiful illustrations and posts every day. On […]

Hoops, Baby, Hoops!

No post from me today, as my brain is too full of basketball to cope. Instead, why not listen to Tor’s mashup of Sufjan Stevens and Blackalicious?

[audio:The Dress Looks Nice On You _ Make You Feel That Way.mp3]

Strawberry Bread

A friend gave me this recipe a couple of years ago. I’ve made it with frozen strawberries a few times but nothing beats fresh berries. You can pretty much make it in one bowl with a wooden spoon which makes it super easy and yummy to boot. The baking time can vary a little bit […]

Lately (In Pictures)

Liza has discovered dress up:

and dancing on Daddy’s feet:

and strawberry bread:

and the fact that big brother is the best thing since the strawberry bread.

Eli has discovered if he helps cook he gets first dibs on licking cake batter:

and sometimes close is too close to his little sister:

and that it’s true if you leave your food […]