Here, Have some Cute!

A week or so ago we went to a bluegrass music festival here in town. We ended up leaving early because the kids were crazed but the pictures I snatched before we left look like we are having an awesome time.
Her name is Liza and she likes to DANCE!

His name is Eli and he likes to MUG!

Brotherly Love
The best photo of Will and Luke I’ve taken by like 1000%.

The rays of cuteness will actually cure some minor ailments.

The smirk is how you know he's thinking of something clever.

Eli's real smile.

Thursday I had Emily for a few hours because of swine flu school closings. The girls had a blast.
Don't get in their way when they are working.

Friday we were making up anything we could to fill up a few hours.
Puppet show without the puppets.

Did I mention that by Saturday we’d run out of things to do inside the house?
Where we store our kids.
Yes, Eli’s toes are painted blue. He wanted to and hey, at least I used a boy color.

6 thoughts on “Here, Have some Cute!

  1. Boy color schmoy color. Next time, do ’em bright pink and spit in the world’s eye. (As long as Eli likes pink, that is.)

    Great pics!

  2. I seriously needed some cuteness like this after today. Thanks for sharing some of the cute!

  3. FMI Agent – I like that symmetry as well. It was completely accidental as they were dancing like mad.

    Joyous – Stephen asked me why I told Eli that painting nails wasn’t something boys did and I responded that I thought it would give him something to rebel against later. Sometimes I am too clever for my own good.

  4. ROFL… rebel comment! I’m going to have to pass this on to all the new parents in the family (2 boys and 2 girls in 15 mos!).
    I’m a week late checking in on you but what a lovely way to end the week!

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