At Least We Didn’t Go Into Tashi Station

Saturday, to celebrate its decade anniversary, we watched Star Wars Episode I with the accomanying Rifftrax.

I hadn’t watched it all the way through in ten years. Holy cow, I’d forgotten how bad it was. It’s like those Anita Blake comics where nothing happens. Even with part of the old MST3k crew making jokes I could barely sit through it, and even Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy were reduced to shouting, “Will you just shut the hell up?” every time Jar-Jar opened his mouth.

I’m undecided: is the movie worse than the two Matrix sequels? The Matrix sequels take longer, but they didn’t squander two decades of goodwill in fifteen seconds flat.

7 thoughts on “At Least We Didn’t Go Into Tashi Station

  1. I remember lying on the floor and thinking, “Why am I, as a clinically depressed man, watching a movie that is actively eating my will to live?” I think watching that flaming sack of crap twice is enough for one lifetime.

  2. My take on the Matrix is thus… The Matrix is two really good movies, unfortunately it is a trilogy. hahahaha

    I think the second Matrix movie was much better than Phantom Menace, but the third Matrix was just as bad.


  3. Did you ever watch the fan edit? It’d be interesting to see how much faster it feels by comparison since it’s only like fifteen minutes shorter.

  4. Don’t quite remember how, but I missed the early theatrical release of Episode I and was so bummed. Then glad, after hearing friend’s reviews. I waited for video. Gritted through about an hour of the video. Had to stop. Finished just in case it got somewhat better at the end. I need not tell you this was a mistake. I understand your sentiments all too well, Geof!

    LMAO, John! Stephen, I tend to file things under “bad” in the brain and let them go. So, to adequately compare these turkeys, I’d actually have to watch them again. Somehow, I don’t see me putting myself through that torture.

  5. I’ve seen the Phantom Edit. It’s still a rather boring movie, even with the editing.

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