What have we been doing lately?

The list is long but boils down to this: trying to acclimate to Eli’s last summer before school starts.

In an effort to keep things light this summer, I didn’t schedule any camps or lessons of any kind for the kids. Ironic, since this is the first summer Eli’s been old enough to be eligible for most activities that run in the summer. Instead I opted for just hanging out with our friends, especially the ones with pools, and getting Eli extra time with Josh before they go to separate schools in the fall.

We’ve gone and developed quite the schedule anyway. Mondays we play at church. Tuesdays are my morning off. A girl from church is coming over to keep the kids so I can run errands or grocery shop alone, which is a mother’s nirvana. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays haven’t quite settled out yet but will be some order or combination of going to the Botanical Gardens, spending time with Josh and his family or having Hallie over so the two of us can experiment in the kitchen.

This summer is already more bittersweet than I expected it to be. Eli is so ready for school, I’ve been saying it for a year now. And yet. And yet. It seems a giant corner to turn. A street he will go down mostly without me. I thought I would have NO problem with that. I’m looking at the couple of months until school starts and I’m wondering what else we can pack in before he goes.

Eli and Liza

The big news around here is another dishwasher leak. The first one, Stephen and his dad repaired in a day and cost less than $20. This time, the part wasn’t in stock so today marks a week of me washing dishes. It’s still not going to cost very much to repair the dishwasher and Stephen can do it. The bad news of the story is the slow leak ruined the kitchen floor. I had the folks who installed the hardwoods send someone to look at it and he gave us an $800 estimate. We’re thinking about replacing the hardwood with tile since this is the third time in seven years we’ve had water damage somewhere in the kitchen.

In crafting news, I’ve been working on a cross-stitch for hire job. It’s a lovely set of lighthouses that I need to get done before October.
Lighthouses Day 4

And making notebooks for folks. I’ve made and given away a few and made a few more. I especially like making them now that I have an actual paper guillotine instead the 1-sheet cutter I used when I first started the process.
(Yes, I know Narwhal is misspelled. They’ve sent me a new card to replace that one.)

So all in all, shaping up to be a really busy summer. I’ll make sure to take my camera to the gardens this week so I can post some new photos.

7 thoughts on “What have we been doing lately?

  1. I can’t even think about when Ari is going to start school! I know he’ll love it, and I’ll love having some time to myself again, but it makes my heart ache just thinking about it.

  2. We had a dishwasher leak leading to floor damage here as well. $800, eek! Hope ours isn’t as bad. 😛

  3. Renee: I remember when Eli was about two and a half and I thought to myself, “Half our time is gone. He’ll be starting school in no time.” And sure enough, those two and a half years are totally gone.

    Joyeuse: I also hope your floor doesn’t cost $800 to fix. We’re going to hold off for a bit and decide exactly what we want to spend the $800 on.

    Geof: I was pretty proud of that photo as well. There are other good ones from the set but that was my fav.

  4. Josh is super excited to spend the summer with Eli!!! As soon as the air conditioner is fixed, we will have to set a play day. The summer is going to go too fast otherwise. I love the picture. Liza looks very cute!

  5. :melt: on the new sib pic! Think you’ll thank yourself later for keeping Eli close this summer. Thanks for the peek at the stitch-for-hire! Was wondering what it was going to look like!! Let me know what the for-hire does to the stitching enjoyment factor. 😉

    So sorry to hear about the floor. If misery loves company, I’ve got a kitchen on the 2nd floor. The previous owners added it (for parents who couldn’t go up and down stairs easily) and put down plywood over the hardwood flooring and then linoleum over that. Several washing machine leaks later I don’t even want to know what it looks like under the linoleum. Love a washing machine on the 2nd floor, though!

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