Busy making things

I’ve had the notebook crafting bug:
Click to see some of the other notebooks I’ve made over the past week or so.

So, question: Should I put up an Etsy store and start selling my creations?

I’m still hard at work on the lighthouses. I’ll take a photo after tonight’s work and post.

8 thoughts on “Busy making things

  1. I think you could totally set up an etsy shop. I think they look great! The letter ones remind me of the Charley Harper flash cards that I picked up at Anthropologie. They may make good notebooks too, though the size may be a bit odd. It’d probably work fine for a landscape oriented notebook cover.

  2. Absolutely! Have you thought about taking commissions? It might be a good hook… individually tailored gifts.

  3. Are you kidding me? We’ll be your biggest buyers. You can be our junkie for cute crafty goods. 🙂

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