Doctor Who Supercuts

Last week, IO9 posted a wonderful montage of David Tennant saying “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry”. It’s good, because gosh Tennant’s Doctor says “I’m sorry” a lot, but, weeeeeelllll, it’s not my favorite of the Doctor Who supercuts:

6 thoughts on “Doctor Who Supercuts

  1. Stephen: I love that the scene at the end of “Blink” (where Sally gives him the info about his future) had both a “sorry” and more than one “well…” 🙂

    Alana: I think you are the ONLY woman I’ve heard of that would feel that way about a gratuitous naked Barrowman shot. 🙂

  2. I find myself geekily fascinated by the way “well” never means “well.” It’s always just a tone–an emotional punctuation at the beginning of each sentence. And so many different ones!

  3. scyllacat: I agree. I think it’s also his way to pause so he can finish formulating what he needs to say which is usually delivering bad news.

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