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Everything I Need to Know

Eli’s been going to kindergarten for a few weeks now, and it’s about to kill me. It’s my job to take him to school, which involves me getting up earlier than I’m used to. Once upon a time I was a morning person, but then I became an adult and discovered that I could stay […]

It’s My Birthday! Go Me!

Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
I got a new videogame that lets me drop-kick APCs before killing all of my enemies with fleshy tentacles that erupt from my back
Happy birthday to me!

I’ve been offline most of today, and I don’t see that really changing this evening when I’ve got videogame parkour to do. See […]

If you’ve ever wondered what I do while I stitch…

…wonder no more:

How far we’ve come: Age 2

Remember when Liza didn’t sleep?

This is where she fell asleep this afternoon. I was on the phone and when I went to her room to rock her and put her down for nap, this is how I found her.

Propaganda and Teaching Intelligent Design

The thing about Intelligent Design is that it’s non-science masquerading as science. Its claims can’t be used to predict anything and are not falsifiable. It’s not a theory that can be improved over time. Its domain is religious and philosophical.

That doesn’t stop its ardent supporters from wishing very hard for it to be science. It […]

Children’s Antipasto

Occasionally I’ll let the kids pull up the step stool to the cart/island in the middle of our kitchen and we will eat a meal there. That meal is sometimes breakfast: homemade donuts where they get to dip or roll the donuts in their choice of toppings. When it’s lunch or dinner I put out […]

Open the Door and Jump In

Busy day today, what with finishing up my two prepared talks for Dragon*Con and writing new material now that William Shatner is a guest, and, oh, yes, there’s always my real work with the rockets and the lasers and the FWOOSH. So here, watch this video to pass the time.

I previously gushed about the band […]

Mark Edmundson Demonstrates Boredom

Writing in The American Scholar, Mark Edmunson has a common complaint: boring people can be very difficult to get rid of. The problem is, he spends some 5,000 words trying to decide what motivates a bore and in the process put me to sleep.

There are a couple of things you can get from an article […]

Lighthouses Finished

Had a marathon stitching session last night and then finished up this morning. I’ve ironed it and emailed my client to say that it’s ready. Can’t wait for her to see it. I’ve talked about it and tweeted about it and you guys have traveled the road with me. This is a pretty awesome end […]

One project finished

I started this small project before I began work on the lighthouses. Since then, I’ve only worked on this when we traveled. It’s been a great one to work on in the car. This past craft night, we had a full house so instead of cramping everyone else’s style with my large frame for the […]