Monthly Archives: October 2009

Yes, But Do You Have a Flag?

That’s a mighty fine picture of the Apollo 17 landing site and the American flag that Jack Schmitt and Gene Cernan planted on the sound stage where all of this was faked.

(Pic taken by the fantabulous Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and courtesy of NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University. NASA also has a larger version. Seen over at On […]

Ares I-X Takes Flight

That needle leaping skywards is NASA’s first new launch system in some three decades. It’s intended to be the first step towards a new rocket to launch people into space. It’s the tallest rocket we’ve currently got going, and is only 11 meters shorter than the historic Saturn V. I didn’t have any involvement with […]

Today’s Non-News News Headline

Courtesy of MSNBC: “In reality, some stage parents are very scary”.

You don’t say.

This bit of hyperventilation brought to you by the Balloon Boy incident, which MSNBC covered extensively. I can’t imagine why parents think these kinds of stunts will result in publicity.

Things That Make Me Happy Today

The guitar parts for Modest Mouse’s “Dashboard”.

I had no idea I’d like a Johnny Marr/Modest Mouse combination, but it turns out I do.

Friday Animal Collective Video

Here’s something to liven up your Friday: a very spacey video for “My Girls”, by Animal Collective.

Perhaps Microsoft Could Hire Count von Count

Today is Windows 7 day. How exciting! I began wondering why Windows 7 was called Windows 7 and started trying to count versions to figure out the numbering scheme.

Let’s see. If we consider consumer-oriented versions of Windows, then 95 could be version 4, 98 would be 5, ME would be 6, XP would be 7, […]

We Are All Connected

John Boswell, aka Colorpulse, can keep making these songs starring Auto-Tuned scientists and I will happily keep listening to them. This one has Richard Feynman (including his bongo playing!), Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Carl Sagan.

If you want to hear more as they come out, Boswell’s set up a new site, Symphony of Science, […]

Should We Really Be Fighting a Three-Front War?

First, we de-planeted Pluto.

Then we bombed the moon.

Yesterday, one of the space scientists who helped find water on the moon was arrested for espionage.

This can only mean one thing: SPACE WAR. Now we can try to guess what our next target will be. Mars? That annoyingly smug Mercury? Europa?

“I wanna do a craft!”

What crafter doesn’t want to hear these words from their children? Painting though is my least favorite because it involves water. Both kids really love to paint, so it’s always a special treat at our house. These are from this past week when it rained and rained and rained.

Yes, that’s paint all over Liza’s face.

You […]

Jeff Sessions, My Pro-Rape Senator

Dear Senator Sessions,

I am stunned and appalled at your vote against SA 2588 to H.R. 3326, the 2010 Defense Appropriation Act. The amendment would prevent government contractors or subcontractors from receiving federal funds if they require their employees to submit to arbitration if they are sexually assaulted while on the job by other employees. In […]