The More I Think About This Song, The More It Weirds Me Out

“I Will Possess Your Heart”, by Death Cab for Cutie: is it a creepy song about a stalker, or is it the creepiest such song?

As with “Every Breath You Take”, I expect it’s only a matter of time before someone plays this at their wedding.

7 thoughts on “The More I Think About This Song, The More It Weirds Me Out

  1. I sure do like this song. It’s even better as the album version with the four minute instrumental intro at the beginning. Layer on layer, each atmospheric guitar and synth line builds over the dry drums, all of which falls away to nearly nothing when the vocals begin. Clear but not trite representation of fixation. This extended opening results in the bridge feeling even more like a strange outlier, but it’s even more satisfying, since the bridge lyrics are the only point where there’s a hint of actual threat, upping the creepy.

    Now I feel creepy.

    Good beat, I can really dance to it, I give it a 95, Dick.

  2. “Goodnight and Go” (Imogen Heap) is also disturbing, primarily given the cutesy tone of the song (and, well, Imogen in general). I don’t usually think of stalkers as “perky.”
    For Creepiest Stalker Song on a Major Label, I’d have to vote for Sarah McLachlan’s “Possession.”

  3. EXCELLENT! Another song to add to my “Songs of the Stalker” compilation album, along with “Every Breath You Take,” Clay Aiken’s “If I Were Invisible,” Blondie’s “One Way or Another,” Tegan and Sara’s “Living Room” (honourable mention, as it’s more of a voyeur song than a stalker song)….

    …Yeah, suffice to say, lots of competition for creepiest stalker song ever.

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