Monthly Archives: October 2009

Email to my Senators

I am appalled and disgusted that you voted against Senator Al Frankin’s bill to allow people to sue government contractors in the event of their rape.

This email is the first of its kind that I’ve ever sent to a government official and this email marks the promise I make that during the next election season […]

Liza Loves Bugs; Eli Loves Puzzles

Liza still loves her some bugs. These days she has her pick of them, as we’ve had so much rain that beetles and cockroaches have fled indoors to escape it. More fools they, as that puts them at Liza’s mercy. Liza finds them, picks them up, and carries them around by one of their teeny […]

FlashForward Eschatology

FlashForward is a new ABC show about what happens when everyone on Earth passes out for about two minutes and sees a vision of what they’ll be doing in six months. The show is most concerned with What It All Means — why did everyone get a glimpse of their future? and is that future […]

Birthday Week was a WIN! Do I have to wait a year for another?

There are not enough words to describe the awesomeness of my trip to Atlanta to see U2 and visit with friends. The show was full of awesome. A friend of a friend said that Bono was the best worship leader that she’d ever had and I’ll have to second that. I think the show was […]

Running Man

I’m working on a post comparing the TV show FlashForward to the Left Behind series, but it’s taking a while. To keep you entertained in the meantime, I give you Canabalt. It’s a minimalist game created for the Experimental Gameplay Project, whose theme in August was “Bare Minimum”. You play a man running to escape […]

The Most Widespread Internet Memes

What do you think are the most widespread Internet memes? Bonus points if you explain why.

Misty Says “Woo!” Again

It’s a light posting week for us, seeing as how Misty’s gone to Atlanta to say “Woo!” at U2 in the Georgia Dome. I’m taking care of Eli and Liza, which is fun right up to the point when it isn’t any more. Given that Eli is living up to his reputation of petri dish […]

The More I Think About This Song, The More It Weirds Me Out

“I Will Possess Your Heart”, by Death Cab for Cutie: is it a creepy song about a stalker, or is it the creepiest such song?

As with “Every Breath You Take”, I expect it’s only a matter of time before someone plays this at their wedding.

Craft Update

I started this Teresa Wentzler before Liza was born. I stopped to cross stitch something for Liza’s room and then just never picked this piece back up. After I finished the lighthouses, I asked the Craft Night Ladies what I should work on next and they all unanimously said, “THAT!” when I showed it to […]

Go Play Some Text Adventures!

It’s that time again: the annual Interactive Fiction Competition is underway. That means you can download 24 free text adventures and play them. If you want, you can even score them on a scale from 1 to 10. So go play some fresh new text adventures, why don’t you?