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I Have Many Facets, Like an Onion

Hey, my game Fragile Shells placed second in the Jay is Games Casual Game Design Competition #7. I’m in a three-way tie for second, mind you, but given the other two games (including Andrew Plotkin’s), I’m quite happy with my placement.

I was also pleased by how my game was reviewed. Gruelove, Matt W., and the […]

Liza Loves to Sing

This is a fine example of how Liza will sometimes say “I dunno!” reflexively.


Turtle is a small plastic turtle who “swims” in a tiny bowl thanks to magnets and a small child’s belief in magic. Liza likes Turtle a lot.


Despite her loud protests, though, Turtle isn’t really her best friend.


Liza is a big fan of […]

NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer Takes Pretty Pictures

Yesterday NASA started releasing pictures from their latest orbital telescope, WISE. WISE is an infrared telescope that’s doing a whole-sky survey. It’s also looking for near-earth objects, asteroids, and comets. This thing is extremely sensitive — it’s about 100 times more sensitive than previous infrared telescopes — and it’s taking a lot of pictures. A […]

Crafting, reading about crafting, listening to podcasts about crafting, oh and snow!

It’s been a snowy mess here lately. I jokingly said at Christmas that it snowed all the time here, so I think the universe decided to prove me right.

While it’s been too cold to even stick my toe outside, I’ve been stitching and listening to podcasts. I blame Alex at The Gearheart for addicting […]

Where to Reach Me Online

Thanks, Google Buzz. Without you, however would people reach me online?

One Ad and One Music Video

I understand this makes me something of a shill for Old Spice, but I don’t care. “We’re not saying this body wash will make your man smell into a romantic millionaire jet fighter pilot, but we are insinuating it”, says the ad’s description, and if that doesn’t make you want to watch it right now, […]

Gravity’s Probably Not Causing the Pioneer Anomaly

A quick follow-up to one of the talks I gave at Dragon*Con last year. The Pioneer Anomaly refers to how the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes were pulled more strongly towards the sun than they should have been, making them slow down more than expected. Scientists have been trying to explain what’s going on […]

At my house right now: snOMG!

Where I’ve Been the Last Month

I’ve been writing a text adventure!

Fragile Shells is a short, puzzle-centered game. I wrote it for the Jay Is Games 7th Casual Game Design Competition. This 7th CGDC is an all-interactive fiction competition, so how could I resist?

You don’t know how long you’ve been hammering against the station’s wall, but you stop as soon as […]

How to Put Non-Amazon Ebooks On Your Kindle

Amazon and Macmillan have been in a pissing match recently over ebook pricing. On Friday, as part of their continuing battle, Amazon removed the “Buy It Now” button from all Macmillan titles in their catalog, even the print ones. The only way you could buy a Macmillan title through Amazon was through one of the […]