Monthly Archives: March 2010

Making Fragile Shells

When the 7th Casual Game Design Competition was announced, I had no intention of entering it. While all of the competition entries were supposed to be text adventures (yay!), the competition’s theme was “Escape” (sigh), and authors were encouraged to set the entire game in a single room (boo!). At the time I was in […]

I Survived PAX East

I made it! I survived several days in Boston without serious incident. I even went for a ride on the MTA, and did I ever return? Yes, I absolutely did.

Enough of that. How was PAX? you ask.

The main difference was that the crowds were there to play games and see Gabe and Tycho and wave […]

PAX East

Hey, look where in Boston I’ll be this weekend!

Because, mmm, Cheesecake Factory.

If you’re looking for me this weekend at PAX East, I’ll be around at many of the interactive fiction events (both official and non-).

Lunch with the G’parents

Stephen’s folks are visiting, so today they went to have lunch with Eli at school. For the kids in kindergarten, having a visitor for lunch is considered cool. We decided we should all get in as many lunches with him as possible before he turns 7 and realizes that having family around your friends actually […]

Skeptic Vader

I have no free time, so here, have a Star Wars lolcat.

I’m so sorry.

To Eli on His Sixth Birthday

It only took us three years, but we finaly found the best place for your birthday party: Kidventure. It’s an indoor playground with an inflatable slide, a climbing wall, skeeball, and a pirate ship. We had the entire place to ourselves, and they let us bring in our own food, which meant that the parents […]

Billions and Billions

The other Sunday, after Eli got dressed for church, I realized that he looked like someone.

If I get him a buff jacket, maybe he can appear on the Tonight Show like Carl Sagan.

Crazy Hair Day

In honor of Dr. Suess’s birthday this week, Eli’s school has activities planned every day. Today is crazy hair day. Stephen and I decided he looked a bit like an Anime character but since I don’t know anything about Anime really, I have no idea which one.

He started asking me this morning at 6:03 when […]