Photos for a Rainy Monday

Here’s Liza eating her birthday cake at the giant locals kid birthday party we had a few weekends ago.

Here’s Eli pretending to be a robot in the box of one of Liza’s birthday presents. A pirate, my little pony robot.

And lastly, here are the two monsters I finished last night. They are going to my nephews when they visit in a couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “Photos for a Rainy Monday

  1. Y’all have the cutest kids on the face of the planet. Seriously.

    PS: Misty, could you recommend crochet tutorials to make adorable little critters like those two in the bottom picture?

  2. Gahhhh… Liza is totally cute, as usual! I love My Little Pony Pirate Robot. Fusion monster!
    Lucky nephs! Did I mention I loved the cactus in the UK shots?

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