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Lazarus May Be Starving, But Dives Feels Poor

The AP today reported that, based on the 2009 census data, the gap between rich and poor in the US has continued to widen. It’s been driven by two factors: rapidly-rising incomes of the top earners, even during the depression, and a mirrored increase in the US poverty rate. The end result is that we […]

The Grue We Knew

It was about 8 pm on a Wednesday night when I realized we had a house guest. I saw a praying mantis clinging to the ceiling in the kitchen when I looked up from making Thursday’s lunches.

I pointed out the praying mantis to Stephen and we decided to let him stay inside until the […]

Also I Soon Expect Him to Have Followers

Last week Eli came home from school with a large plastic helicopter. “Where did you get that?” Misty asked him.

“Oh, I got one of my friends to trade it to me.”

She paused. “What did you trade him?”

“This two-page comic I made in school. It had two robots and they were fighting.”

We explained to him that, […]

Did I mention the hat drive?

I finished my Dr Who doll in time to take it to Dragon*Con. Renee and I had a blast taking photos of him all over Con.

Since Con, I’ve also finished Rose (notice my Dr Who poster that I got at Con in the background):

I’ve been making hats for a hat drive ever since:

The goal of […]

My Dragon*Con 2010 Experience

Let’s see. At Dragon*Con I’ve led a thousand people in a sing-along to “Re: Your Brains”. I’ve had a naked man tell me, “Hey I saw you on TV!” I’ve even been cosplayed. Really, what can top all of that?

I know. Let’s talk about Scott Adsit.

He’s best known for his work on the TV show […]

Dragon*Con Placeholder Goes Here

We’re back from Dragon*Con. We had a blast. We are tired. We will post more later.

Today’s Embarassing Admission

For years I’ve been making fun of razor manufacturers’ ongoing arms race. Three blades! Four! No, five! Make that six! For the longest time I’ve used a three-bladed razor to shave my head, and even that felt excessive.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine gave me a free five-bladed razor she’d gotten through her […]

I Got Lamp!

Look what I got, two days after my birthday!

It’s GET LAMP, Jason Scott’s awesome documentary about text adventures. Liza is modeling the coin that comes as a feelie with every copy of the movie, and let me tell you, that is one high-quality coin. I know the trouble Jason went through to get them minted, […]