Monthly Archives: January 2011

Super Awesome Robot Action Sequence Go!

Are you ready to have your skull opened up, your brains scooped out, and your cranial cavity filled with awesome? Then take a look at the following collection of the most awesome action sequences involving a robot ever committed to film.

Those are scenes from Enthiran, a 2010 Tamil SF movie about a robot who, of […]

Evaluating Scientific Claims

On Twitter today, Joe asked me whether two Italian scientists’ claim to have demonstrated working cold fusion was real or not. I took two minutes, did some Googling, and told him that their cold fusion device may turn out to be really producing cold fusion, but that there are too many red flags for me […]

Photo Shoot

I’m a bit obsessed right now with keeping my page updated with photos of the work I’ve done. This is my Granny Square Shrug I re-finished this weekend. (I finished it the first time over Thanksgiving but it was WAY too big.) So I had to take it apart and make it a bit […]

Attack of the Brain Slugs

When I asked for Eli to pose for this photo, I asked him to look sad. He replied that he wanted to be happy. We got kinda bogged down in the discussion after that when I was explaining to him that when the brain slug is on your head you are most definitely not happy.

Brain […]

Today You Should Go Play FRACT

FRACT is a first-person adventure game, similar in gameplay to puzzle games like Myst, set in a strange, abstract world filled with TRON-like structures that are in part reified electronica sounds. I cannot tell you how in my wheelhouse this game is. Here, take a look at what the game looks and sounds like.

It’s a […]

Sic Semper Snowmannis

(Yeah, yeah, the Latin would probably be closer to “nivis homines”.)

What a Fiasco!

Fiasco bills itself as “A Game of Powerful Ambition & Poor Impulse Control”. It’s a one-shot role-playing game that helps three to five players tell a neo-noir story along the lines of the Coen Brothers’ movie Fargo, Jackie Brown, Bad Santa, and Out of Sight. It requires no game master, takes about three hours to […]

How to Make a Password Encryption Card in One Easy Step

A while back, when talking about password managers, I mentioned that I didn’t store any of my financial passwords in a password manager. Instead, I have a card that assigns three random characters per letter or number. For each bank, I use the first five letters of the bank’s name and then use the card […]

Reading Negative Reviews Just Beacuase

There can be a joy in reading negative reviews where the reviewer appears to have seen some Earth-Two version of the novel, movie, or game in question. Charlie Stross recently revisited Amazon one-star reviews of classic books. One of my favorites is from Robert Bolt’s play “A Man for All Seasons”:

It is long and boring. […]

The Snow of Twenty Eleven

Snow day! You know what that means? It means we bundled the kids up in clothes until the excitement of going outside completely drained away.

We even joined in the non-fun!

Eventually we made it outside and discovered that we’d gotten approximately two feet of snow.

We had to make a snowman, which Liza spent some time peering […]