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Sometimes It Is Science All the Time Around Here

I’m often amused by the things science evidently can’t explain. The Chick Tract Big Daddy, nominally about evolution, claims that science can’t explain why an atom’s nucleus holds together even though it’s packed full of positively-charged particles.

In the version I read long ago, gluons weren’t even mentioned — the tract merely claimed that no one […]

It’s not all Science all the time around here.

Eli and Liza got straw glasses for Christmas. They have been nearly endless entertainment for everyone involved.

Liza poses like a rock star with an octopus I just finished crocheting for charity.

Al Mohler and His Lying God

Al Mohler is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He’s very concerned about evolution, calling it one of the biggest challenges to Christianity. He knows evolution isn’t true, though, because his God is the author of one of the biggest lies ever: the Earth.

I am willing to accept the authority of science on […]

Why Companies Care About Twitter

In the comments to yesterday’s post, Jim mentioned how interesting it was that Twitter had finally gotten companies to pay attention to what customers were saying about them. I got to wondering why that was. Why didn’t this happen with blogs, or Facebook? Both of those use the same one-to-many broadcast model as Twitter. Facebook […]

eHarmony Pays Attention

Over the holidays, eHarmony released apps for iOS and Android that give you access to their site. They chose an unfortunate tagline, though.

Since I am a twelve-year-old boy at heart, I had to make a joke about the tagline on Twitter.

#bbpBox_22339099524341760 a { text-decoration:none; color:#1F98C7; }#bbpBox_22339099524341760 a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }I see that eHarmony now helps […]