Monthly Archives: January 2013

Science and “Science”

Since the new year began I’ve been busy with two projects. The first is attending the ScienceOnline2013 conference this week. ScienceOnline is a non-profit organization that’s all about communicating science over the web. So of course part of that is having a face-to-face meeting! We really are primates with a veneer of civilization. It’s my […]

Week 3 of Making Something Every Day

So yeah. Three weeks done. I’m possibly a bit more pleased about that than I should be. I’ve been having fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a peek into my world every day as well.

Day 15: A few more layers. Yesterday was stripes. Today was circles.

Day 16: Added words. Added more color! Will tone […]

Personal Reflections on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Legacy

My dad, Ray Granade, is a history professor. Back in 2011, he spoke at the start of school about his experiences growing up in rural Alabama during the Civil Rights era. I’m sharing it as I did with Johnny Wink’s similar talk because it captures a time and place that is at once far removed […]

Week 2 of Making Something Every Day

Week 2! Some days are good, some days are not so good but I’m enjoying the challenge of both doing something every day and coming up with something to do every day.

Day 8: Got a bit of grunt work done. Glued pages in altered book, gessoed a page in the new notebook.

Putting gesso on paper […]

Now This is Science

While I’ve been away doing science things like working on a robot that can read your fingerprints from 10 feet away, Eli and Liza decided to get in on the science action.

Yesterday afternoon they were making popcorn for their afternoon snack. “Can you pop an unpopped piece of corn?” Eli asked. “Let’s do an experiment!” […]

Week 1 of Making Something Every Day

So the first week of making things has had its ups and downs.

Day 1: beginnings of a spread in my art journal.

Day 2: learning patience. Needed to let it dry longer before adding yellow layer.

Previously when I’ve worked in an art journal, I’ve constructed it out of watercolor paper myself. These constructed books are great […]

New Year with a Resolution

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. So that’s totally why I decided to make one for 2013!

2012 was amazing! I had the awesome Nepal trip in December (more on that in another post) and then, as an accidental bonus, I got my sister-in-law’s CRV to replace the Buick I’ve been driving for the […]