Monthly Archives: February 2013

Week 7 of Making Something Every Day

Day 43: Made one AMAZING cut in the watercolor page & now I have a book! Worked on digital portion of content.

Day 44: Day of many flubs and near disasters. Quitting while I’m ahead.

Day 45: Inside page of “Roll away your stone” book. (Mumford & Sons obsession reaching annoying proportions.)

I love it when I see […]

Week 6 of Making Something Everyday

Day 36: Glue drying on purple bottle.

Day 37: Bottle side done. Next up: figuring out how to get the words on the other page.

Day 38: Holding onto anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. –Buddha

I got a lot of response to this page. More than I’ve gotten to anything else […]

Themes From Science Online 2013

I’d never been to a Science Online conference before this year. When I began concentrating more on science outreach I asked some of my friends if there were conferences I could go to to help me communicate more good. They all pointed me to Science Online, so I dutifully registered and attended the conference last […]

How I’d Moderate a Discussion Session at a Conference

A little over a week ago I went to Science Online 2013, a yearly conference for people interested in communicating science, especially online. (Yes, I get the irony in having a conference about online science that took place face-to-face. If it makes you feel any better, it was also filled with printed books.) It’s the […]

Week 5 of Making Something Every Day

Day 29: New art shrine out of a cheese container. I’ll see what develops with it tomorrow.

Day 30, photo 1 of 2: A cheese box turned into an art shrine for my dog.

Day 30, photo 2 of 2: Inside the cheese box art shrine.

After Saturday night of the dog being so sick I didn’t […]

Week 4 of Making Something Every Day

Day 22: Glued felt to the back of the coasters. Started yellow page in art journal. Don’t know what it will be yet.

Day 23: A place to make a list of all the good things in my life.

Day 24: Few finishing touches & I’ve started my list of good things around the frame. I’ll […]