Monthly Archives: March 2013

Week Twelve of Making Something Every Day

Day 78: Wet paint, wet glue. I think my work here is done.

Day 79: Working through collage ideas.

Day 80: My creative partner & I painted some wooden blocks. She declared the blue “perfect TARDIS blue.” I agree!

We had a good time painting these blocks and now she has a set of blocks she […]

Week Eleven of Making Something Every Day

Day 71: Finished 4″x4″ squares. Fun project. I like making a piece and then cutting it down.

I feel like I am searching for a size of a piece that is ideal for me to work on. All of them present their own challenges and working on a variety of sizes lets me see how […]

Week 10 of Making Something Every Day

I can’t believe I’ve made it 10 weeks! I have to say, I’m a little bit proud of that.

Day 64: Visited with friends from out of town at our favorite Mexican restaurant. No time at the art table.

Busy day ending with dinner with some friends. I took a photo of these flags because they reminded […]

Week 9 of Making Something Every day

Day 57: Mixing it up a bit! Playing with yarn.

This yarn winding session turned into a full scale stash reorganization. I loved it! It also made me want to ditch the art stuff and play with yarn exclusively for a while.

Day 58: Started a set of rainbow inchies. Yes, that’s a technical artist term.

Day 59: […]

One Time Science Tried to Kill Me

When I looked down and saw that I was on fire, I finally admitted to myself that Science was trying to kill me.

Science’s always been a bit dangerous for me. When I was a kid I decided to apply the scientific method to the chemicals in our bathroom closet and see what burned the best. […]

To Eli on His Ninth Birthday

This year you requested one final birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese before the video game token embedded in your hand begins to flash and signal that you’re too old for the Pizza Rat. How could we say no to something so overstimulating? For adults, Chuck E. Cheese is actually a wight, draining life out […]

Week 8 of Making Something Every Day

Day 50: Finished goth spread. Renamed hermit spread. Enjoyed new watercolor pen technique.

Love the way this black page turned out. Used watercolor pencil and then went over it with my water pen. It was the first time I had tried anything like it and I am pleased with the almost chalkboard effect I achieved with […]