Monthly Archives: May 2013

Week 20 of Making Something Every Day

Day 134: Near to calling this one done.

Here’s the finished project in my kitchen. Between the picture and my new island, it’s like I got a whole new kitchen! Enjoying all of it!

Day 135: Amster ATC. I feel like I should ship it to @mamster since it has his name on it.

Our friend, Matthew […]

I’m Forcing Science and Podcasting on Baltimore for Balticon 2013

I’m headed up to Balticon 47 this weekend to talk about science and podcasting and more science and more podcasting. How can you resist?

You cannot, that’s how. Or not how. Or — look, just come see me make a fool of myself at any of these fine panels:

Your Lying Eyes. Saturday, 5:00 PM, Salon A.
You […]

Week 19 of Making Something Every Day

Day 127: love postcard.


Day 128: A whole mess of proto-ATCs.

Can’t wait to get back to these guys but I got distracted by remaking my kitchen art.

Day 129: looking forward to talking to folks about clean water tomorrow.

I designed the logo for The Water Glass about a year ago. The labels for the water bottles […]

Week 18 of Making Something Every Day

Day 120: Star of Cracker Barrel for 1/3 of a year!

So yeah, I’ve being doing this for a third of a year now. In my mind, it’s kinda a big deal.

Day 121: It’s not blue! Gonna make some more postcards.

RenĂ©e said it was the end of my blue period. I don’t think […]

Week 17 of Making Something Every Day

This was a good week on many levels. I’m pleased with the way my art went this week. Stephen sold my old car. Worked on The Water Glass presentation that Hallie and I are making next week. Got to visit several groups of friends throughout the week. Loved it!

Day 113: Calling this one done.

I test […]

Be Careful What You Measure

Johns Hopkins has an excellent graduate program in science writing. For thirty years it’s taught people how to write about science, covering both researching interesting science and turning it into prose that sings. Now Johns Hopkins is closing the program.

Writing for a living, especially about science, has never been easy. It’s become harder over the […]