Monthly Archives: June 2013

Week 25 of Making Something Every Day

Day 165: Collaborative postcard effort with Liza Lou. Good Times.

I painted the background and she found the postcard in my stash. She asked if she could draw on it. I said sure! She hauled it all the way to Disney and sometime during the car ride, drew on it. When we got home, I found […]

Week 24 of Making Something Every Day

Day 158: TARDIS ATC.

Day 159: Started a shawl for a friend to give to a grieving loved one. THIS is the reason I crochet.

Day 160: Thinking about a quote for this one.

Day 161: Helped my little artist-in-training complete her Girl Scout fundraising art.

Day 162: Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble […]

To Liza on Her Sixth Birthday

Since you still are obsessed with animals, we celebrated your birthday at the Tennessee Aquarium. You got to look at all of the aquatic animals and pet stingrays and vibrate excitedly. Before you were born, I never thought that we’d be the kind of family with a season pass to an aquarium. Now we’ve been […]

Week 22 & 23 of Making Something Every Day

Day 148: love, love, love this Nepal Hamilton postcard.

Day 149: Trying desperately to get a baby afghan done before the baby arrives. Still got more work to do tomorrow.

Day 150: Green stamp postcard. Also, day 150!

Day 151: Autumnish background for something yet to be decided.

Day 152: Postcard with red glitter.

Day 153: Made 7 daisy […]

Week 21 of Making Something Every Day

Day 141: Perfect Love Postcard.

Day 142: Romantic flower postcard.

Day 143: Feminist ATC.

Day 144: “Breathe on Me” Postcard.

Day 145: Dream postcard.

Day 146: Pinkbird of happiness ATC.

Day 147: New postcard backgrounds and scraps.

This Week!
So, lots of positive feedback on these pink, dreamy postcards. They’ve been fun to make. Some are even making it into the mail!