Monthly Archives: September 2013

Week 35 of Making Something Every Day

Day 237: I dream in CMYK.

Day 238: Treasured ATC.

Day 238b: Liza brings her journal home from school and @Sargent & I write in it. Here’s art I did for her this week.

Day 239: Explore the Minor Chord postcard.

Day 240: Circles pages.

Day 241: 1 of 4 mock ups for a soon-to-be-announced project.

Day 242: […]

We Did Mad Lib Abstracts for Science

As part of our fundraising to hold a DIY Science Zone at GeekGirlCon, we promised to perform acts of whimsy as we hit funding milestones. We’ve passed $3,000, which is amazing and means we’re halfway to our goal. (Feel free to donate money at this link to help us reach it, by the way!)

It also […]

Week 34 of Making Something Every Day

Day 230: One Wish Postcard.

Last week I talked about the pieces that I wonder later who made that super cool thing. ‘One Wish’ is that for me this week.

Day 231: 9 new postcard backgrounds.

On the Mommies Run Away from Home weekend trip to Pigeon Forge, we went to the scrapbook outlet and I got […]

Help Us Hold a DIY Science Zone at GeekGirlCon and Make Me Fix Prometheus

One of the things I love to do is to help people discover how awesome science is. One of the best ways, hands down, is hands on: give people the opportunity to commit science themselves. GeekGirlCon agrees, because they’re letting a team of us hold an all-day-long DIY science zone!

Why am I excited about this? […]

Week 33 of Making Something Every Day

This week plus of work had a Dragoncon-sized intermission in the middle of it. I deliberately didn’t take any materials with me to Con to see what it would feel like to take a break. Answer: I missed the daily 20 minutes terribly. I couldn’t wait to get home to work. Best of all, […]