Monthly Archives: October 2013

Week 39 of Making Something Every Day

This week has been a crochet heavy week and I’m sorry about that since the challenge has been primarily about paper and paint. I’ve been working against some pre-Nepal trip deadlines so I’ve been using a lot of time crocheting to get things done before I go and in preparation of teaching the ladies in […]

Week 38 of Making Something Every Day

Day 258: Morning meditation on Hope, Peace, and Love. One to go.

Day 258b: It’s a good day! I’m finished!

Day 259: Working in my tiny art journal again feels good.

Day 260: Faith, Hope and Love.

Day 261: Watching the paint dry on the cover of my mini Smash Book. Gonna use it as my journal in […]

Nepal 2013

Swayambhu, or in English, The Monkey Temple in Kathmandu.

As most of you remember, I went to Pokhara, Nepal in December last year to help train women as sewing instructors. I’m so excited to be getting to go back this year!

I’ll be leaving in just a few short weeks to start the nearly 30 hours […]

Week 37 of Making Something Every Day

Day 251: Starting on Peace. Kinda a lake of paint at the moment.

Day 252: Hebrew in pink for Joy Week.

Day 253: Sneak peek of the panels in the sanctuary. (Got words & stained glass shapes drawn on all of them today!)

Day 254: @Obajoo came over and helped me paint today. We got SO much done! […]

Week 36 of Making Something Every Day

Day 244: got the purple background done on Hope. Cut shapes for the stained glass. (1 of 4)

Day 245: one corner with solo cup for scale.

Day 246: progress report.

Day 247: I’ve got 20 inches of 55 inches made. It’s starting to look like a blanket.

Day 248: Gluing things down.

Day 249: Working on logo for the […]