Monthly Archives: June 2014

Week 20 of Making Something Every Day

Day 135: Pacific, 12×12.” For Sale: $50.

My feelings for this piece waxed and waned a lot while I worked on it. At one point I had it in a place I loved and then I took several days off for reasons I can’t remember now and I lost momentum. I ended on a high […]

Week 19 of Making Something Everyday

Day 127: Finished piece. Faith, 8×10.

Day 128: Hey, @Obajoo is this what you are calling my gray (& blue) period?

Day 129: Chevrons.

Day 130: more paint…more paper.

Day 132: it’s coming together nicely.

Day 133: 2.5 years making these tags for thewaterglass.orgĀ  towels, this is the first batch without mistakes.

Day 134: I think I’m gonna call this one […]

Some Thoughts During Year 2 of Making Something Every Day

So I’m six months into Year 2 of Making Something Every Day. I’ve missed a few more days this year already than I did last year. I felt the pressure of not letting up last year. Not slowing down for any reason for fear of losing momentum. I’m much more laid back about it this […]

Week 18 of Making Something Every Day

Day 120: Everything is glued down. Getting close to being finished with this one. “And Indeed There Will Be Time”

Day 121: Rushed back home from ATL to put the finishing touches on this painting, I think.

Day 122: Postcard palate cleanser.

Day 123: 8×10″ new canvas.

Day 124: looking at collage pieces and adding […]