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U2 in Nashville

The first time I heard U2 was 1986. A friend let me borrow “The Unforgettable Fire” on cassette tape. I fell in love with “Pride (In the Name of Love)” and was pretty much hooked.

This is my view from the 27th row last night:

The show was UN. BELIEV. ABLE.

It was made better by getting to […]

It’s True That I’m Bald Like Jim Cantore

On Saturday we went to Toad Suck Daze, a street festival in Conway, Arkansas. The railroad runs through downtown Conway, and while we were there, we got to watch a freight train rumble down the tracks and past us.

For the record, the EF-5 tornado that ripped through Harvest, Alabama about a mile from my house […]

Photo Shoot

I’m a bit obsessed right now with keeping my page updated with photos of the work I’ve done. This is my Granny Square Shrug I re-finished this weekend. (I finished it the first time over Thanksgiving but it was WAY too big.) So I had to take it apart and make it a bit […]

It’s not all Science all the time around here.

Eli and Liza got straw glasses for Christmas. They have been nearly endless entertainment for everyone involved.

Liza poses like a rock star with an octopus I just finished crocheting for charity.

Saturdays of the Future

Here’s hoping that it won’t be too many more years until this is what we are all doing every Saturday morning.

50 hats: Done!

And here are a few of my favorites:


I’ve not said much here lately. I’ve had a lot going on in my head. I think I needed a bit of time to catch my breath and think about a few things. I guess I’ve had a season of personal growth but I’m not sure how to put it all into words. My take […]

Thanksgiving 2009 Photos

These photos looks like we lived at the beach this year. That’s not far off the mark, actually.

Two Weeks of Photos

The past two weekends we’ve been busy, busy, busy. And I’ve got the photos to prove it!

Space and Rocket Center

Some friends came to visit for the day and we played at Rocket City’s biggest attraction.


This year Eli finally got “trick or treating” and Liza thought carrying her bag of candy was almost not worth the […]

“I wanna do a craft!”

What crafter doesn’t want to hear these words from their children? Painting though is my least favorite because it involves water. Both kids really love to paint, so it’s always a special treat at our house. These are from this past week when it rained and rained and rained.

Yes, that’s paint all over Liza’s face.

You […]