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kat and sean came

kat and sean came and they visited, i haven’t seen them in a long time, that was cool. sean threw me up and down and up and down and kat chased me around and around and then it was bedtime.

hummus is yummus

we went to a greek place for lunch today, i think we went there before but back then i did not get any greek food and today i did, i got hummus. why did no one tell me hummus is so tasty.7 i totally would have been eating it all along.

you know what would make […]

back to school

i went back to school on tuesday, it was okay. i was in a different room than last year but this room still has fun toys. the new teacher wanted to make me nap but she did not understand, i do not need naps and certainly not at school.

no more urping

i have not been sick again since a few days ago, i think i was just tired and those carrots i was chewing on at the time were a little chokey. i did cough a lot last night, mom came in and gave me water and then i slept just fine.


i am going to bed, i had milk late in the day and just now in the kitchen i was all whee whee whee urp and then everything smelled nasty. i do not feel bad, i think it was a onetime thing but it made me tired.

more exercise

it is fun to take things and wave them around on the end of a fork until they go flying off. bananananas are really good for this. but i do not think this is neat enough for me to try to make an exercise program using it, the other programs have yet to really take […]

mr and pr are gone

mr and pr left yesterday and that was sad. i got to do a lot of things over the weekend, i got shiny new shoes that go clomp clomp when i stamp on the floor or on people not that i would clomp on people, and we ate at the noodle place and at the […]


MR AND PR ARE HERE././././././

i do not like eyedrops

thank you everyone for your sympathy, it makes me feel better. plus now i know to ask for an eyepatch, i will get right on that.

but i did not get an eyepatch, i got eyedrops. i guess they are helping me because my eye really was pink today and not all green but they sting […]

my remaining eye is okay thanks

we got up early to go to the doctor for mama and i got to run around and play with the nurses and everything but my left eye had been bothering me. it had been gunky the night before and now it was really gunky. so i got to go to my own doctor, it […]