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What I Learned in Japan About Language

English makes everything better.

What I Learned in Japan About Science

Physicists have something to be ashamed of.

What I Learned in Japan About Using the Bathroom

Toilets are really complex.

Things I Learned in Japan About Soft Drinks

Pocari Sweat’s taste matches its name.

Things I Learned in Japan About Smoking

A lit cigarette is carried at the height of a child’s face.

Buying Tea in Kyoto

When we talked about buying presents in Japan for our family, one gift I knew ahead of time: green tea for my dad. He’s a confirmed green tea drinker, and while he has his supply of Chinese green tea from a friend, he hadn’t had Japanese green tea.

Beyond the vague shopping list of “tea, green” […]

Japan Tales: Osaka

On Thursday we drove the kids to West Memphis, AR to meet the grandparents. After lunch, we hopped back in the car and drove to Nashville, TN and spent the night with my college roommate, Terry, and her family. We had dinner with them and got our trip off to a great start by hanging […]

Japan Tales: Hiroshima & Miyajima

Tuesday was the hardest day. I knew intellectually what had happened at Hiroshima. But there was no way to know until I stood there. I would have thought that I’d be telling you how sad the city of Hiroshima is. How there is this cloud that hangs over it, darkening the mood. But there isn’t. […]

The Krebs Family: from Japan

Eli loves a set of nesting dolls that Stephen’s mom has. So when I saw a set of Dharma Dolls in Japan, I knew it was the right gift to bring home for Eli.

As Eli was playing with them one day, he began telling me of his adventures in Arkansas. While he was staying with […]

Random Thoughts As We Enter Japan

The train from Narita airport to Tokyo leapt out of the tunnel and raced across the countryside. I stared out the window, my brain floating in a soup of fatigue poisons, and all I could think was how the kudzu-covered hills looked just like those back home in Alabama.

Then we zipped past a small family […]