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Mind Reading Makes You Stupid

It’s clear that, whatever other benefits you gain from being able to read minds, you also become thick as a giant slab of concrete. If Sherlock Holmes had been able to read minds, he might have solved some of his cases faster, but he’d also have been more like Inspector Clouseau.

For proof, I only need […]

A Second Life PSA

One of our readers, Joel Dahlquist, asked for my thoughts about a new obesity-prevention PSA from the Ad Council. Hopefully this will be the start of a new trend, since reader requests mean I don’t have to think up what to write about and can spend my time more productively by playing Portal.

Anyway, here’s the […]

To Boldly Go Where Heroes Has Gone Before

It would be unsurprising if the Petrelli boys’ father turned out to be alive and was played by veteran actor Leonard Nimoy. This might have to wait, though, if Heroes is governed by a conservation of Star Trek actors law.

My Favorite Day of the Week

I posted about hating Fridays after the lightening strike and how I had previously had problems with Sunday evenings. It made me start thinking about what my favorite day of the week might be.

It’s Tuesday.

It seems odd to like Tuesday better than say, Saturday, but I have a long history of enjoying Tuesdays. It […]

Stephen Talks Science at Dragon*Con

I’m going to be on three science-oriented panels at Dragon*Con, pretending that I know things. If any of you are there, stop by and say hey. My talks are:

Friday, 1:00pm
Forsythe (in the Hilton)
The President says we’re going back to the Moon and then to Mars AND with manned crews. […]

The Sopranos Ends With a Final Episode

Dear Internet,

We finished watching The Sopranos last night. Thanks for not spoiling us! So who’s ready to discuss the final episode now?

Anyone? Anyone?


ETA: Caution! Amy came to play, so we’re talking in full-bore spoilers in the comments.


Veronica Mars “officially dead”.

Please Don’t Tell Me the Punchline

Because of the baby, we aren’t current on The Sopranos. Please don’t spoil it for me by talking about it. (I’m looking at all of you Early Morning News Programs.)

My New Religion

The week before Liza was born my mom took pity on us and came out to save our sanity. While she was here the first Sunday night, she asked if she could watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I laughed because I thought it was a bad reality show but said we could Tivo it so […]

Confidential to Peter Petrelli

Caution: partial spoiler for the finale of Heroes Season 1.