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Sneak Peek

We had studio portraits done today of the kids. This is one of the photos from the shoot.

If you are related to us, you’ll be getting photos for Christmas. Just so you know…

School Supplies

The day before the day before school starts. Eli starts First Grade tomorrow and he declared that Stephen would walk him in, but only that first day.

This past week I bought what felt like mountains of school supplies. First, I bought some for Eli. And then I made a second trip to buy for a […]

This week in photos

I always love my Tuesday nights with the crafty gals. This week was no exception. We has some serious crafting!

Eli created Super Mario characters to do battle on our kitchen table. Stephen caught the whole drama.

The end of the battle:

Liza showed her super remote skills:

Lastly, my finished crochet stash. It seems to grow larger by […]

Photos for a Rainy Monday

Here’s Liza eating her birthday cake at the giant locals kid birthday party we had a few weekends ago.

Here’s Eli pretending to be a robot in the box of one of Liza’s birthday presents. A pirate, my little pony robot.

And lastly, here are the two monsters I finished last night. They are going to my […]

UK Photos

I finally got my photos from our trip uploaded! If you want to see some of Kat and Sean’s photos click here.

Fever? What fever?

As you can tell, the fever today isn’t slowing her down much.

Still crocheting small things

The three cacti I crocheted for Kat and Sean. If only I could crochet little sombreros for them they would be perfect.

Excuse me a sec, while I go look for a pattern…

Eli and Liza demonstrating how sharp the needles on a cactus can be.

This critter doesn’t have an owner yet but that’s only […]


Easter morning. Eli’s surprise face. This is the toy he says he’s been wanting his whole life. I think he was excited about it.

Yes, Liza has pink in her hair. Yes, we did it on purpose. She wanted it there on Friday so I put it in. It still isn’t completely gone but it is […]


I’ve not said much here lately. I’ve had a lot going on in my head. I think I needed a bit of time to catch my breath and think about a few things. I guess I’ve had a season of personal growth but I’m not sure how to put it all into words. My take […]

Lunch with the G’parents

Stephen’s folks are visiting, so today they went to have lunch with Eli at school. For the kids in kindergarten, having a visitor for lunch is considered cool. We decided we should all get in as many lunches with him as possible before he turns 7 and realizes that having family around your friends actually […]