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Crazy Hair Day

In honor of Dr. Suess’s birthday this week, Eli’s school has activities planned every day. Today is crazy hair day. Stephen and I decided he looked a bit like an Anime character but since I don’t know anything about Anime really, I have no idea which one.

He started asking me this morning at 6:03 when […]

Crafting, reading about crafting, listening to podcasts about crafting, oh and snow!

It’s been a snowy mess here lately. I jokingly said at Christmas that it snowed all the time here, so I think the universe decided to prove me right.

While it’s been too cold to even stick my toe outside, I’ve been stitching and listening to podcasts. I blame Alex at The Gearheart for addicting […]

At my house right now: snOMG!

An everything update in one post!

As Stephen posted earlier today: Life! it is busy! We have a wounded hot water heater that we’re dealing with. I have a root canal scheduled for Tuesday. My blood pressure has been crazy high and I’m dealing with that. And in and around all these other things, we’re trying to get Eli’s birthday party […]

Thanksgiving 2009 Photos

These photos looks like we lived at the beach this year. That’s not far off the mark, actually.

Two Weeks of Photos

The past two weekends we’ve been busy, busy, busy. And I’ve got the photos to prove it!

Space and Rocket Center

Some friends came to visit for the day and we played at Rocket City’s biggest attraction.


This year Eli finally got “trick or treating” and Liza thought carrying her bag of candy was almost not worth the […]

Birthday Week was a WIN! Do I have to wait a year for another?

There are not enough words to describe the awesomeness of my trip to Atlanta to see U2 and visit with friends. The show was full of awesome. A friend of a friend said that Bono was the best worship leader that she’d ever had and I’ll have to second that. I think the show was […]

Craft Update

I started this Teresa Wentzler before Liza was born. I stopped to cross stitch something for Liza’s room and then just never picked this piece back up. After I finished the lighthouses, I asked the Craft Night Ladies what I should work on next and they all unanimously said, “THAT!” when I showed it to […]

How far we’ve come: Age 2

Remember when Liza didn’t sleep?

This is where she fell asleep this afternoon. I was on the phone and when I went to her room to rock her and put her down for nap, this is how I found her.

Lighthouses Finished

Had a marathon stitching session last night and then finished up this morning. I’ve ironed it and emailed my client to say that it’s ready. Can’t wait for her to see it. I’ve talked about it and tweeted about it and you guys have traveled the road with me. This is a pretty awesome end […]