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Pregnant Mothers Versus Fish

When it comes to seafood, pregnant and breastfeeding moms are in something of a bind. On the one hand, the omega-3 fatty acids from seafood aid in neural development. On the other hand, fish, especially those near the top of the aquatic food chain, have noticeable concentrations of mercury. In 2004, the FDA and EPA […]

Liza’s Birth Story

I guess this is going to be my labor story. I hadn’t planned on it being that, but now that I’ve started writing it down, that’s what it’s going to be. I didn’t write anything down with Eli. I probably should have because my memory is spotty even after only three years. I’m not sure […]


My contractions are now 8 minutes apart and much more intense. I think I might actually have this baby sometime this week. We’ll post here when we leave for the hospital.

Slowest Labor….Ever

Still in labor. Contractions still roughly 10 minutes apart. I did manage to take a nap but the contractions woke me up. Who said this laboring at home was a good idea anyway?

My mom is headed back to Huntsville.

I might make it to the hospital sometime today, maybe.

Also, I’m out of laundry to […]

The Girl Who Cried Baby

I woke up this morning at about 4 with some vague achy feelings and couldn’t go back to sleep really well. I got up about 6 and took a shower. So, um, yeah, I’m having contractions again. They’re about 10 minutes apart. My doula says we will go when they are five minutes apart.

In the […]

Baby Liza Update (39.5 weeks) (after the doctor)

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and I was hoping, hoping that when she saw me she would just send me on the the hospital. Wishful thinking on my part! The baby has dropped down some more which is a good sign but I haven’t made any significant progress in either effacement or dilation. […]

Baby Liza Update (39.5 weeks)

Next Friday is 40 weeks. I’ve been uncomfortable this past week and today I think I edged over into the completely miserable. The muscles in my belly actually hurt they are so stretched out. I’m sure that I felt this way with Eli at the end, but I don’t remember it. Also, I delivered Eli […]

No News is Annoying News

Well after all that lovely work I did yesterday and this morning, I’ve had maybe 3 contractions since noon. I’m very annoyed and am now going to go read Pretties since I finished Uglies at lunch time. I blame Stephen. He bought Uglies at Panoply for about $4 so after I finished it, […]

I Would Have Written Sooner but I Couldn’t Get to My Own Website

I started having contractions sometime yesterday. The best I did then was about 45 minutes apart. I went to bed, expecting to be woken by something substantial going on and instead, slept all night. This morning, I had almost an hour of 5 minute apart contractions but then those easy, short ones stopped to be […]

The World, It is Calmer Now

So in the quest to relieve my anxiety (it also turns out Stephen had a fair dose as well) my mom is here. So now, if the baby doesn’t come this week my mom and I will have the nursery fully organized, the house cleaned, Stephen’s mass of shirts ironed and when we’re bored we […]