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It Turns Out, Being Pregnant Isn’t Much Fun.

This is a post that contains a bit of TMI about my personal physical situation. Don’t read the fourth paragraph if you don’t want to know the gory details.

So for the past two days, I’ve felt like crap. There just isn’t any nice way to say that. It’s how I’ve felt and I know I’ve been a bit of a grump about it. I have painful Braxton Hicks contractions that only go away if I lie down on my left side. My back has hurt and I’ve felt just gross. Well this morning I woke up at 5:30 with a bit of a panic attack. I got in the shower because being in the water always makes me feel better. It did make me feel physically better but the anxiety wouldn’t go away, so I called my doula.

She was great. She told me to take a warm bath, drink some tea and try to go back to sleep. The subtext of which was all, “Get a grip and relax a little bit!” She was pretty much unconcerned about what I was going through which was exactly what I needed to hear. So I did manage to go back to sleep for about an hour and a half.

About 8:30 I felt this very odd sensation and thought I should go to the bathroom right away. I lost my mucus plug which I had been completely unaware of with Eli. I’m guessing that this caused my upsurge of hormone-related anxiety. I called Jeanne again and she said that was probably why I had felt so bad. She very generously said we could move the appointment we set for Monday afternoon to this afternoon. I’m glad she’s coming. It makes me feel better already.

Baby Liza update (37 1/2 weeks)

I went to the doctor this morning and the baby? she is coming sooner rather than later. Everything looks good and the doctor says that when labor starts, she is ready for me to go. I would give you the details about my cervix but I’m guessing that you are probably not that interested. (If you do want to know, email me and I’ll tell you.) My BP is good, the baby’s HB is 150s, and I’ve gained 7 lbs total. Which means that when I come home from the hospital, I’ll probably weigh less than I did before I got pregnant.

There is indeed a God.

The grandmoms are all in panic mode because they think it’s too soon but I think I’m pretty ready at this point. As ready as I’m going to get, I guess.

My Husband Rocks!

Last weekend, I jetted off to Nashville to hang out with the gals and Stephen hung out with Eli. Today, I had a baby shower lunch to attend and a church function immediately following. So once again, Stephen was in charge of Eli pretty much all day. (Now granted this morning wasn’t that big of a deal, since he slept from 9-noon.)

But this afternoon not only did he entertain a toddler of uncertain mood and physical well-being but he also managed to strike the full bed in the guest room, get it situated in Eli’s room for my approval, set up the crib in Liza’s room, vacuum about half the rugs in the house and when I arrived, they were dust mopping the hardwood floors.

It is apparent to me I should either leave more often or be pregnant and whine more. Whatever caused all this good work to get done, I am thankful from the bottom of my pregnant heart. Now don’t you all wish you had a Stephen?

P.S. Here’s Eli on his big boy bed…

Baby TBA update (36 1/2 weeks)

Well my appointments are now on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays so this was a very short week. But the short week came with big news. I got one of my regular nurses (I’ve not been seeing my regular nurses because they are tied to the doctor so since my doctor has been out, I’ve not seen them in a while) and she was appalled that I was this far along and didn’t have good confirmation of the gender. She hustled me to an ultrasound room and the tech managed to get a good shot.

It is indeed a girl as we suspected. So it is no longer Baby TBA but a girl baby with an actual girl name. Since I haven’t asked Stephen if we can divulge that to the population at large, the name will have to be a separate post. (I might even let him make it.) You’ve waited this long, you can wait a bit longer.

All is well with the both of us. Good blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. I am starting to feel like a house but usually that’s only at night after I’ve been up all day long doing stuff. I want to sleep all the time which now that I think about, my time would be better spent napping than typing on the computer so g’night to you all.

Baby TBA update (36 weeks)

I went to the doctor yesterday and all is well. My BP was good. The baby’s heartbeat was good. I’ve not gained any more weight, which she seemed pleased by. My regular OB comes back week after next and I am really looking forward to seeing her. It seems strange to miss your doctor but when you see someone as often as you see your OB in the last part of pregnancy, it starts to matter.

I’m having more and more trouble getting comfortable enough to sleep, so I’m not sleeping as well as I’d like to. I would really like to make it past the first weekend in May because I want to go see the new Spiderman movie, but my desire to be more comfortable may start to outweigh that pretty soon.

The doctor said I was good to go to Nashville this weekend so I can have a last hoorah with my three best girlfriends. (We get so crazy! We stay up late and talk about our seven kids and sometimes, our college days.) So I won’t be typing here much but I might just have some photos when I get back.

Baby Shopping: Almost Better than the Actual Baby

I have a thing about bags. Some of you know this already. I try to keep it under control but it’s hard really. They call to me and ask me to take them home. I have a dollar limit that I don’t like to exceed at any given purchase and I try to only buy something about once a quarter. But a new baby means a new diaper bag and I found the exact one that I wanted today on SALE! The best part, it’s a sling so it’s totally rocker-dad friendly. Stephen won’t be embarrassed to have it on. Here’s a photo:

The other very cool thing that I bought today was a hotsling. My sister-in-law turned me on to them. I was very interested in them as they are fit to you, as opposed to a system of pulleys and ratchets that annoy you into pitching it across the room. I had one of those with Eli and never used it because by the time I got him in and adjusted correctly, I needed to take him out for whatever reason.

I was going to buy one and then got sidetracked and then they put the one I wanted on sale and then I got sidetracked. So I thought I’d go to the local store that carries them to check them out and of course, they didn’t have my size. (That didn’t stop the saleslady from trying to sell me one two sizes too small though.)

So when I got home I did some internet browsing and SCORE! I got the one I wanted at another online baby retailer for the sale price AND free shipping. Here’s a picture of it:

Can’t wait to try and sport the sling, the baby, and the sling backpack at the same time. I ought to look like a Sherpa when I have all that going on…

My Little In Utero Drama Queen

Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to get a nap in. Of course, I had to sleep on my sheetless bed because I had them in the dryer, but I can’t really be that picky when the urge to sleep hits and Eli is asleep and I don’t have anything I have to accomplish for 45 minutes. I fell on the bed and was pretty much instantly asleep only to be keep half awake by my kid with hiccups. Apparently, this child is not as unperturbed about hiccups as Eli was. She kicked and rolled and beat about with her fists. I think she finally go over the hiccups, because she settled down and I didn’t move again until Eli came to tell me he wanted to watch a show.

It’s 4:56 am. I’ve been awake since about 4 because she has the hiccups again. And yes, verification: she doesn’t like them. I think if she could wail there would be wailing to go with the gnashing of teethless gums. She was pitching and rolling so much, I had to wake Stephen so he could experience it too. His response, “Wow, she’s really mad,” mumbled sleepily into the back of my head. After which, he promptly fell back asleep.

I’m not sure how the drama will play once she gets to the outside. I don’t think anybody else in the family will be all that impressed.

Baby TBA update (35 weeks)

Yes, that’s right it’s the weekly march to the end. I go to the doctor every week from now until the baby comes. Which is saying something considering my doctor is on maternity leave. I was scheduled to see the head doctor from the practice this morning but the nurse came in and said she was “incredibly” behind schedule so would it be ok to see the nurse practitioner? You mean, not sit here with no pants on for another half hour? Yes, I’ll take that! The NP was very nice and very apologetic about the doctor giving me a miss but I was quite relieved to be getting out of the doctor’s office in under an hour.

The baby’s heart rate was good and she said I was measuring a bit small but I did that with Eli toward the end too so I’m not very concerned about that. I have Braxton-Hicks contractions pretty much with all walking and or bending movement but hey, I don’t work so I can just lie down until those go away, right? My blood pressure is normal and I’ve gained one pound, bringing my total up to three. Also, the baby has turned head down which always gives me a sigh of relief.

I feel pretty tired all the time now and have an annoying shortness of breath. But the breathing thing is better since it rained on Tuesday and cleared all the pollen out of the air. Last night, we slept with the windows open. I think Stephen almost had icicles hanging from his ears this morning while I was enjoying the fresh spring breeze. Such is life for the very pregnant.

The Vomit You Want

So everybody I know is pregnant. Ashley, Jessica, my optometrist, my dentist, and my OB/GYN (She just had her twins), another woman from our Sunday School Class (brings the current total in our class up to four), a friend from playgroup and three other moms from Eli’s Mom’s Morning Out Class. So when I say everybody, I’m not really exaggerating all that much. So naturally when we convene on Tuesday Nights, the talk often turns to pregnancy and related issues.

Last night was no different. Since Jessica is now 12 weeks pregnant and announcing it (you may remember her from this entry) we started talking about vomit. What you don’t want to eat and vomit and what actually isn’t bad to vomit back up. Amy asked why I hadn’t written about this. I realized that I hadn’t, mostly because I felt like it might be a bit too gross. Maybe it is and then again maybe it will be helpful to one of the 40 pregnant women I know.

So here now for yours (and Amy’s) perusal, here are two lists of things. One is for things that are not good to vomit and the other is for things ok to vomit. Feel free to add your experiences to the list.

Not Good
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (too chunky!)
Vitamins (too bitter)
Spaghetti (too stringy)
Anything with fruit chunks in it
Omelet with onions in it
Chocolate Ice Cream

OK (Because ‘good’ in this context is just too far out of reach)
Orange Juice (tastes pretty much the same coming up as going down)
Honey Nut Cheerio Cereal Bars (very sweet)
Yeah, the list is short because let’s face it, vomiting is just gross.