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Glenda’s Breakfast Casserole

In honor of LanaBob! visiting this week, here is her mom’s breakfast casserole which sits somewhere between eating cheesecake and an omelet for breakfast. I love breakfast dishes like this and I’ve made tons of them but this one with 14 lbs. of cheese in it is my all time favorite. The best part is […]

Mississippi State Sin Dip: Southern Cooking Part 1

Vika asked for specifically southern foods. Besides grits (which I’ll do at a later time) this is just about the most southern recipe I have. Part of it is that it is named after a college in the South and part of it is that it is meat, cream cheese and Worcestershire sauce baked in […]

Fresh Spinach Salad

This isn’t so much a salad recipe as it is a way to get the poppy seed dressing into your mouth and to also increase your DBI (daily bacon intake). The spinach and mushrooms are just there so you get to call it a salad. This recipe comes from a Southern Junior League cookbook that […]

Snickers Cake

This is a recipe that came in my family book from Stephen’s mom. The first time I made the cake here for the locals they consumed it like they had never had chocolate before. I think I made Jeff feel bad about eating the last piece. Jeff, I still feel bad about that but it […]

Pesto Orzo with Chicken & Pinenuts

When we lived in Durham there was a Mediterranean sandwich shop that made a pesto orzo dish with pinenuts. I think I might have been addicted to the stuff because I wanted to eat there all the time. This was my attempt to recreate it so that Stephen would stop gripping about having to take […]

Salsa Chicken Soup

This is my easiest soup recipe. As long as you have the chicken cooked, it takes no time to throw together. I also monkey with the numbers depending on how many people I’m going to feed. This recipe originally came from a BH&G dieting cookbook. I’ve changed a few things thought to make it fit […]

Polenta Gratin with Tomato, Fontina & Rosemary

This is a combination of a about three recipes that I liked pieces of so I decided to combine them. We love the smell of this in the oven and Stephen all but licks the plate after the meal. The sauce, while not completely homemade, does a decent impersonation of sauce made from scratch but […]