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Two Crowdsourced Music Videos

One: the band C-mon & Kpyski, from Utrecht in the Netherlands, created a simple video for their song “More is Less” and asked fans to film themselves duplicating the duo’s motions. They then spliced frames from the fans’ contributions into the original video. The result is hypnotic and utterly engaging.

Two: if that’s not enough for […]

I Got Lamp!

Look what I got, two days after my birthday!

It’s GET LAMP, Jason Scott’s awesome documentary about text adventures. Liza is modeling the coin that comes as a feelie with every copy of the movie, and let me tell you, that is one high-quality coin. I know the trouble Jason went through to get them minted, […]

Liza Versus the Sidewalk

It happened when none of us were looking, and it was my fault.

We’d gone out shopping on Sunday because it was tax-free weekend and I needed pants. How could I resist the lure of tax-free pants? On the way back from pants, we stopped by Michael’s so Misty could buy some yarn to knit Liza […]

Christmas 2009 Photos

Warning: Contains very cute content.

What we woke up to this morning


Happy Black Friday Eve!

I understand we used to be thankful for things other than low low prices and artificial scarcity, but hey, lookit those deals!

Off spending time with family. See you on the flip side.

We’ll Be Back

But not for a few more days. We snuck away from the Internet to have some family time, which so far has involved very little blood and only one boating accident. You’ll just have to imagine the fun we had, at least until we get back and share it with the entire world.

Information Overload, Kids’ Book Edition

I’ve mentioned the video to Röyksopp’s “Remind Me” before, with its deliberate beat and hypnotic infographic style. In case you haven’t seen it, take a look:

Now Tomas Nilsson has done the same thing for “Little Red Riding Hood”.

(seen at Anil Dash‘s place)

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Oh, Best Buy, how I love you.


Today’s neologism: emogency. When you’re so overwhelmed that only listening to Dashboard Confessional on repeat will make you feel better.

I went googling to see who else used the word, and I discovered an emogency on deviantART and one on MySpace. The MySpace Emogency is Canadian. His two songs are him singing while he plays his […]