going out again

we went out again. what gives.7 [that’s a question mark, by the way.] it’s like mj and bg [it’s too much work to type all of that out. do you know how long it takes to type when you only press one key at a time with your whole hand.7] have decided that now i need to go everywhere.

restaurants at lunch are crowded. we sat at a table with one of the people from last night and several others. the room was very loud. i think it was some kind of cajun restaurant. the food smelled great, but did i get any.7 hah. all i got was rice cereal, which tastes like blah. everyone is lucky i didn’t go b-b-b-b and cover them with spit and rice cereal.

the only reason i didn’t is because i expected to get some of that tasty-smelling food. i didn’t realize i wasn’t getting anything until we were back in the car and driving away. i tried to tell mj and bg, hey, where’s my tasty food.7 i saw you two eating all of that food and it smelled great. would it have killed you to slip me a shrimp.7

it all came out sounding like ‘eeeeah. gneeeeerh. wreeee aooooooo b-b-b-b-b breeeeee.’ stupid non-functional vocal cords.