my future scares me

i had two good naps today. naps make everything better. i think everyone would get along if only they napped.

bg was home when i woke up from my second nap. then he went outside and cut the grass. he was gone a long time, and when he came back in he was very sweaty.

he fed me barley cereal and carrots all swirled together. while i was eating, bg told mj, ‘i can’t wait until eli can run the lawnmower.’

what.7 don’t they know about child labor laws.7 they can’t make me push that lawnmower around./ i know my rights because i googled for them just now.

i got back at them by being grumpy from then on out.

6 thoughts on “my future scares me

  1. My dad used to make me do the lawnmower too. Whenever I complained, he’d just say “It builds character!” I must have character the size of a mountain by now.

  2. I wish the person who wrote the comic strip about when you were six and had that tiger would come out of retirement. Do you still have the tiger? Lindy looks nothing like Hobbes.

  3. I napped randomly and freely as a child, so I can’t really say I have regret, but I wonder about most children, how they fuss and fight when told to sleep or nap, because they’re passing up so much opportunity. When you get older, like your parents, you don’t get to nap so much. Glad to see you taking advantage of it.

    And I just found your journal ’cause some evil fictional guy posted about it in his blog. Yay.

  4. i think naps are good, but sometimes i’m not really in the mood for a nap. like, just this afternoon i napped a bit, but then i woke up and was all mad because i wasn’t done napping but i wasn’t really wanting to nap anymore, if you know what i mean.

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