stand by myself (almost)

all of that exercise has been paying off. today i was sitting with mj holding my arms, and then i was able to push up and stand by myself./

[okay mj had my arms but it was almost like i was standing by myself.]

8 thoughts on “stand by myself (almost)

  1. Eli, MamaRay just read your new entry in your journal. I am so proud of you pushing yourself up and standing along (almost). I can’t wait to see you perform your new trick. I love you. This journal idea is great. I can keep up with your progress even more than before. mj and bg and two smart parents. I love them too, so be sure and tell them.
    Mama Ray

  2. Hey, Eli! Congrats on the new accomplishments. It was so nice to finally meet you last weekend. I’ve known your mom for a long time and she is a cool girl!
    Can’t wait until you can come visit me in the big city. We have these big pieces of concrete that the grownups like to call monuments. They are kind of a big deal.
    Hope I’m in the running for the “cool aunt”!

  3. Also, congratulations on finally learning how to use the SHIFT key to create parentheses for your subject line! Will you now learn how to use the key to also produce exclamation points, question marks, and capital letters?

  4. it was hard, even though i’m getting better at the standing thing. i think i’m going to stick with what i’ve been doing before for now.


  5. Congratulations on standing up! I’m so proud of you. I wish I could have stayed back east just so that I could see you grow up! You’ve done so much since I moved away. You’ll have to come out and visit me in the desert sometime soon. Start working on your parents for me, will you?

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