i like napping with blankets

i think i have a love/hate relationship with napping. on the one hand, naps are good. on the other hand, when i nap i miss things. on the other other hand [or maybe the one foot] i haven’t been napping well in my bed during the day because there is no snuzzling going on.

well, lately mj’s been giving me my blanket to tuck around me. when she does that i can wad it up in my fists and pull on it some and it’s like a passable imitation of real snuzzling. she gives me the blanket and bam, i nap.

5 thoughts on “i like napping with blankets

  1. Eli, just be thankful you get to take a nap. Us grownups don’t get to take one that often and we have to drink cokes and lattes all day to stay awake.
    It’s a sad existence…

    Aunt Alana (LB)

  2. Eli,
    Naps are good and blankets are good. Both make you feel good so you can be happy and play with Mom and Dad. Snuzzling is better I agree and maybe when I come next time you and I can do some snuzzling and you will take a great big long nap and feel good so we can read the new book I have for you.
    I love you,
    Mama Ray

  3. Eli, snuzzling is wonderful. Blankets are a great substitute for people when it comes to snuzzling, especially if it’s a fuzzy blanket. You’ll get used to snuzzling with the blanket and then you won’t want to go back.
    -Aunt Kitty Kat

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